Products | 12-11-2018


The development of the “paintless dent removal” (PDR) technique changed the way to repair damaged made by hail and similar phenomenal, overcoming problems caused by traditional technique as plastering the damage.

By the use of forged Lever on the damaged panel it is possible to completely repair the car body with any alteration on the paint, with any plaster use and with any sign of the repair left on the panel.

The MWM’s smart repair systems with suction cups and hot glue allow the user to work directly on painted surfaces and to avoid flaking and repainting the car.

With small suction cups, available in different diameters and shapes, you can repair small dents from hail marks on roofs, hoods and doors.


The extendible trolley with PDR levers holder with lower shelf (p/n. 31456) is the combination of PDR lever, hot-melt glue and suction cups and it can host until 44 levers for dent removal and holder shape allows the user to carry on all different tools needed for body shop work with dent removal levers and hot melt glue system.

The kit is equipped, over the holder and shelf, of 33 pcs of steel levers (25pcs standard levers, 4pcs whale tail levers and 4pcs removable plastic tips levers) and a complete set for smart repair composed of a selection of suction cups, glue and gun for hotmelt glue, solvent spray and Octopuller.