Products | 05-24-2022

ZOLA ARC is one of the best solutions for car body repair specialists which are looking for a high-performance aluminium welding machine.

Products | 11-03-2020

Designed to reach a pulling traction force up to 550 Kg it is counterbalanced by the pulling of a metal plate anchoring to the ground through pneumatic depression.

Products | 06-09-2020

ZOLA8 is the final step of MWM detailed research to develop an extremely simple product suitable to repair dents of any dimension (particularly indicated for Hail damage) and not needing to ca

Products | 12-02-2019
Products | 11-14-2019

ALU SPOT MK I is the new MWM capacitor discharger spotter for welding studs from Ø 3 mm to Ø 5 mm on aluminium panels and car body parts, as any other metallic accessories, ferrous and non-...

Products | 12-11-2018

The development of the “paintless dent removal” (PDR) technique changed the way to repair damaged made by hail and similar phenomenal, overcoming problems caused by traditional t

Products | 04-30-2018

The new MWM 3 strips Led Mini lamp is designed to detect superficial dents on car body surfaces (as hail dents) and it can be rapidly positioned and moved through to the vacuum...

Products | 04-16-2018

Composed by a magnetic suction cup support (to be placed on the damaged surface) on which the appropriate metal spacer must be applied, the tracer allows the total regulation in height, direction...

Products | 02-06-2018

MWM updates and expands the range of steel repair trolleys. KIT STEEL RG100 TROLLEY PLUS VERSION STEEL RG100 trolley PLUS version (cod.31931) is engineered to repair steel panels...